Book Formatting for Ebooks and Print

Many people have dreamed of publishing a novel, journal, or cookbook? With Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that dream has become a reality to so many. First time authors are able to format and publish their Ebooks and paperback books all on their own.

Despite the excitement of being a new author, the road to publishing your work can be a bit confusing. Formatting your book and designing the cover can seem overwhelming. Confusion with trim sizes and bleed may stop you in your tracks. Unhelpful error messages from KDP may make you feel that completing this goal is unattainable. You may be afraid to hire someone to help you because you worry about costly fees or even losing control of the look and feel of your book. By working with Jessica Anderson of LaLou Paperie, each of those fears is addressed.

How To Get You To “DONE”

Jessica will work with you to create appropriate formatting for the interior pages of your book as well as a book cover. In addition to creating a customized format for your book, Jessica also provides assistance and training on KDP and design tools so that you remain in control of your book and feel empowered to create more books in the future. When you start uploading your files to KDP and receive error messages, Jessica will act as a resource to troubleshoot any issues or questions that arise when publishing your work. All interactions are 1:1 so all information is customized to your unique situation and capability.

The goal at LaLou Paperie is to make the process of creating and publishing your Ebook and paperback book with KDP less confusing and stressful. The end result of all your hard work will be a beautiful eBook or paperback book available on Amazon.

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